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About Mig33

about the company
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mig33 is the first global mobile community, integrating the most popular Internet applications together for anyone with a mobile phone. mig33 offers a mix of free and inexpensive services, including VoIP calls, chat & instant messaging, e-mail, text messaging, photo sharing, and social networking features.
” To be the largest mobile community, delivering a rich and complete mobile internet experience for millions of users in the world. “

Founded by Steven Goh and Mei Lin Ng in December 2005, mig33 has quickly spread around the world, growing to millions of users in more than 200 countries. Driven on the strength of user recommendations, mig33 is accessible on most mobile phones, even basic models, and will enable the first Internet experience for millions more who connect to the Internet for the first time from their mobile phones. It’s more than just surfing the Web – mig33 brings all the communications power of the PC right to the palm of the hand.

Project Goth Inc. is the parent company of mig33, headquartered in Burlingame, California, USA. The company is funded by private investors and venture capital firms including Accel Partners, Redpoint Ventures, and DCM.

To experience mig33, go to http://m.mig33.com on your mobile phone browser.

why mobile?

mig33 was founded on the premise that the next wave of Internet growth is mobile. The number of mobile devices world wide has exceeded three billion and the next billion subscribers will have their first internet experience using a mobile phone. This is convergent with mobile technology and platforms to become more open and interconnected. With these trends comes the opportunity to deliver a wealth of integrated Internet experiences to consumers in the wireless world.

The rise of VoIP and wireless technologies are redefining the way people connect and build communities. mig33 takes advantage of the shift in the telecommunications industry from managing and tariffing the network, to delivering customer services and value. The evolution of the Internet creates new opportunities to offer services that deliver customer and shareholder value.
our office
Project Goth Inc.
270 East Lane, Suite 2
Burlingame CA 94010
Email: corporate@mig33.com
Get map and directions


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